Cultural Buffet

By: Mia G.

9th Grade, Parrish Community High School, Parrish, Florida,

Artist Statement

I believe that diversity and inclusion means being able to appreciate other cultures and lifestyles. It means sharing a piece of your life in hopes of enriching another’s. I decided to incorporate food, an artwork that is often used to distinguish one region from others, into my work. To display inclusion, I wanted to portray each person indulging in a meal from the other’s culture, to respect and learn from one another. I spent some time researching special dishes that are prominent in each culture, such as the Okonomiyaki in Japan and Koeksisters in South Africa. When I started painting, I mostly focused on the use of contrast throughout this piece, which is why I used a black and white background and a colorful, vibrant foreground.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: Elementary
Standards: ELA.K-5.3.V.1.1, ELA.K-5.V.1.3, ELA.K-5.C.1.2
SEL Component: Social Awareness

Essential Question – How can we celebrate how we are alike and different?
Lesson Plan  |  PowerPoint

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