Clipped Dreams

By: Priscilla Navarrete
9th Grade Palmetto High School
Teacher: Elizabeth Lopacki

Palmetto, Florida

Artist Statement

Almost all immigrants have their dreams cut short; they can’t do what others are able to do, because they are not citizens. Many were brought to America against their will; my mom is an example of that. Her parents brought her here at the age of 10, and she’s still in the process of becoming a legal US citizen. She could have been a lawyer, a nurse, a teacher, or have gone to college and been able to get a job, but she couldn’t. Coming to America, in a sense, clipped her wings and many others’. It feels like the government often turns a blind eye to those wingless souls, leaving them in the darkness and letting them watch their dreams die. I made this art piece is to show the suffering and cruelty of this process. Isn’t America supposed to be the land of freedom? The land where hopes and dreams are accomplished?