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About The Exhibit

Embracing Our Differences SE Michigan has used the power of art and prose to promote diversity. We accomplish this is through our art exhibition.

Local Artist Virtual Art Gallery

This project was made possible by the team at CultureVerse. This virtual gallery is best explored on Chrome on a computer and on supported mobile devices. On mobile, download the Saganworks mobile app (which you can find here: iOS, Android) and then click the exhibit to enter. (Click and drag to look around the space.)

The CultureVerse mission is to serve the local and global community by expanding opportunities to access and experience projects, storytelling, and creative expression of artists, educators, students, and preservationists. We provide technology, training, consultation, and other resources in order to create equitable and sustainable opportunities. We aim to bridge the gap between creator and community so that all people may be enriched by the ever-expanding breadth of art and knowledge.

The Exhibit

Local Art

Local Art


Travis D. Erby

Teacher, Artist, and Photographer

Travis Erby is an artist living in Ypsilanti whose career spans more than 30 years, during which he has painted, drawn, and photographed thousands of images. He studied art at College for Creative Studies, Ferris State University, and Eastern Michigan University. Mr. Erby taught art at the W.J. Maxey Boys Training School, taught art in Brighton, Ypsilanti, as well as at Washtenaw Community College.

Judges-Paloma Núñez-Regueiro

Paloma Núñez-Regueiro

Printmaking, Drawing, Painting

Paloma Núñez-Regueiro is a printmaker living in Ann Arbor, she is also a resident artist at Ypsi Alloy Studios. Her work is closely related to her experiences of living abroad– the impermanence, the precarious construction of one's present, and even less of the future. Paloma studied Fine Arts in Mexico at the Facultad de Artes Plásticas, and in the USA at the Rochester Institute of Technology. A collection of her prints became part of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute Art Collection.

Judges-Darcy Bowden

Darcy Bowden

Visual Artist: Printmaking and Ceramics; Art Educator; Workshop Instructor

Darcy Bowden living in Ann Arbor studied at Eastern Michigan University where she earned her MFA., As an art educator, she served in the Ann Arbor Public Schools as an art teacher for 30 years. Developed and directed high-quality art education programming based on the Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE) model created by the Getty Foundation. As a practicing artist, she has worked as a printmaker and ceramic artist and exhibits work regionally and nationally.


Linette Lao

Creative Director & Owner

Linette Lao artist and business owner of Ypsilanti founded Invisible Engines in 2001, naming it for the unseen desires that power us to make things—inspiration, imagination, and the impulse to reach out and connect to each other. She has over twenty years of experience designing for nonprofits of all sizes, in Southeast Michigan and beyond. She holds a BFA in design and painting, and a MA in creative writing. She teaches in the interdisciplinary creative writing program at Eastern Michigan University.

Judges-Elisa Guyton

Elisa Guyton

Elisa Guyton is a creative agent living in Ann Arbor, that fosters deeper community connections and greater social impact by delivering programs and resources that give hope, inspiration, resources, education, deeper meaning, and social connection to its members. Former Executive Director, Riverside Arts Center, Ypsilanti, MI Activator for the community Wing Project and currently mindfulness Instructor. Elisa studied at Wright State University studied international management and communications.

Judges-Gary Horton

Gary Horton

Gary Horton originally from Ann Arbor, moved to Pittsburgh, PA. in 1996 to study fine art and design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. This is where he developed his unique style and range. While being classically trained in oil painting, Gary would spend late nights in train yards and rooftops learning the forbidden art of graffiti. Today you can see the influence of these two styles in the community. His murals and oversized paintings can be seen across Michigan and beyond.

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