We Rise

By: Amanda May Moore

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Artist Statement

This piece of art was created at a time that I was processing many emotions related to the state of our country. A country that is so highly regarded around the world but also still suffers from the systems that uphold white supremacy. I completed the piece with the words “We Rise” to pay homage to Maya Angelou and shared it publicly on my IG after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing. It was a tough year, 2020. Not only a pandemic that really illustrated the inequalities/ disparities that we need to work on repairing but–the thing that stood out to me the most that year was May. That is often my favorite month, with my birthday.. but a few days after my birthday that year was the awful murder of George Floyd. There have been and are so many things that need to be done to make our country a more inclusive place for all. The fight is a daily fight. It takes place everywhere. I am fortunate to be a teacher and be able to feel like I am making an impact and help to share the importance of anti-racism but even in times like these teachers can be reported for teaching anything that may be considered “critical race theory.” So, I have many emotions behind this piece and I hope that it inspires people to rise up.