I Am Enough

By: Sanda Bogdan

Čakovec, Croatia,

Artist Statement

This artwork shows a girl covered in tattoos – phrases which describe how good you are. As long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you won’t be good enough for yourself. Good enough means that you are okay just the way you are, and that you play your position in this world. In a world full of diversity, you need to be valued by yourself in order to be integrated into a society and accepted by others.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: High
Texts Utilized – FISH CHEECKS (Amy Tan – 1987)
Standard: LAFS.910.RL.1.3
SEL Component: Self-Awareness
Essential Question – Is there a common definition of beauty? Who decides what is beautiful?
Lesson Plan  |  PowerPoint