By: Thameesha Eliyapura

Colombo, Sri Lanka,

Artist Statement

These faces are a celebration of locks, curls, wavy, dead straight, and messy hairstyles in honor of all the beautiful and powerful women all over the globe. From natural hair of different regions to how women choose to style it, they add a piece of their culture to any room they walk into. The background of each face differs from one another; this is a further nod in that direction. This artwork will never be completed. It aims to grow bigger and merrier by inviting all powerful and strong women from every part of the world to wear their hair proudly, while leaving their mark on this artwork. I have used acrylics to paint this on several canvases that I later put together to create a single painting. I played with various thicknesses of paint and used various tools to obtain all the textures of this painting.