Rainbow Rights

By: Caitlin D.
Ann Arbor Open School
Teacher: Debra Ennis

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Artist Statement

I chose red for religions because I wasn’t sure what color to use and I thought red would work and it is a strong color. I really wanted to make this artwork look like a rainbow.

I chose orange for kindness because it is a nice color and I thought about how lots of animals are orange.

I chose yellow for women because, at the time when women weren’t allowed to vote, people who believed that women should be allowed to vote wore yellow rosettes on their shirts.

I chose green for nature since green is the color for most of the things surrounding us.

I chose blue for countries because a lot of countries’ flags have the color blue in them.

I chose purple for the LGBTQIA+ message since a lot of their flags have purple in them.

I hadn’t originally planned to add “Love is Love” but I realized that there was some extra space near the bottom and I wanted each color strip to be more or less the same size, and “Love is Love” is a very important message, so I added it. I chose pink because it is a nice color and is associated with love.

I chose black for Black Lives Matter for incredibly obvious reasons.