We Are Born Equal

By: Naomi Luv L.

12th Grade, Oasis International School KL, Selangor, Malaysia,

Artist Statement

I believe that we should not discriminate against people for things that identify them and traits that they were born with including skin color, disability, upbringing, body size, parents, etc. I personally have experience with being bullied for not being academically smart and it pushed me to draw this art. The figures on the right side bully the children on the left that portray all the traits I listed above. The lighting on the outcast children is a symbol that there is hope for them; they are in a place of joy with the colorful graffiti that stands for what they believe. We are all born equal, so why do we discriminate against each other? Their faces hold the emotions commonly felt by people who are discriminated against. I used a combination of Procreate and wit to get to the end of this long and personal art.