All Girls Deserve to Dream

By: Amanda May Moore

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Artist Statement

As a woman who loves to dream and create—I believe it is important to remind my inner girl that it is okay to have big dreams. When I was younger I definitely had big dreams but they weren’t necessarily encouraged or fostered in the ways that I needed them to grow to where I am now. Overcoming some of those fears that were instilled in me has allowed me to nurture my inner girl. Furthermore, when I was a young girl and teen, I knew that there were differences in the world and that not everyone was as fortunate as I was. BUT it was not until adulthood that I learned how not all girls around the world got to go to school or have the same kinds of opportunities that I had. So much happiness in my childhood came from school and learning or achieving. To think that not every girl is afforded that same opportunity all around the world, in 2024, is beyond me. I hope for this piece of art to raise awareness and spark conversations with young people who will grow up and want to see better for young girls all around the world because when young girls everywhere are afforded an education—we all benefit.