Allostatic Overload

By: Tylear Jefferson

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Artist Statement

My art celebrates the unique beauty of black features, focusing on eyes, noses, and lips to forge a deep, intimate connection with the viewer. Utilizing a vibrant palette, I aim to mirror the emotions of my subjects, transcending mere aesthetic appeal. While none of my portraits are self-portraits, each piece resonates with fragments of my identity, acting as mirrors to reflect and engage the viewer’s own sense of self.

This painting is more than just a image; it represents the diverse emotional spectrum of black women, challenging the monolithic stereotype often imposed upon us. This portrait, with its subtle nuances, speaks to the individuality and spirit of black women. Historically marginalized, our beauty and features have been overlooked or ridiculed. My work seeks to rewrite this narrative, to honor and celebrate our inherent beauty and strength. It’s a visual testament to our diversity, dignity, and the profound depth of our experiences.