Eye for Equity

By: 4th grade class
Lakewood Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI
Teacher: Peggy Leonard and Stephen Soloman

Ann Arbor,

Artist Statement

Eye For Equity is a collaborative art project created by Mr. Solomon’s 4th grade students, Mr. Solomon and Peggy Leonard, the Lakewood art teacher. Each student created an eye and the shapes were collaged together inside the glasses. Mr. Solomon wrote this poem as our Artist Statement..
Glasses covered in children’s eyes
Half our size but twice as wise
Every gaze a unique view
A noble cause we must pursue

Through these lens a tapestry spins
Where justice and inclusion wins
Eyes that see a human, a whole
Nurtures our heart and cradles our soul

Without them I may not see
What works for you and not for me
But equity’s lens makes clear the light
Which guides the way towards what is right.