Stretching Beauty

By: Alexis Lee
10th Grade Icon Art Academy
Teacher: Song Yi Park

Irvine, California

Artist Statement

Using acrylic paints I created a painting representing body dysmorphia. I decided to make the figure a ballerina because many dancers fall under body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and body image issues due to the strict ideal body image represented and taught from childhood. In my painting, the ballerina is very malnourished and thin, but as she looks into the mirror she sees herself as much larger than she actually is. I added a nutrition wrapper for the background of the mirror to represent counting calories which is something I did for a period of time when I didn’t feel confident in my own skin. Body dysmorphia is something so many people go through as they try to reach the extremely demanding beauty standards of society which usually leads to eating disorders. I currently have a close friend in the hospital recovering from anorexia, so this theme means a lot to me and I definitely think that there should be more body positivity in today’s society.