Who Do You Think I Am?

By: Ashley A Park
12th Grade Half Hollow Hills High School West
Teacher: Amanda Montiglio & Jennifer Levolo

Dix Hills, New York

Artist Statement

My artwork is a criticism of society’s tendency to judge people based on appearance. To initiate this project, I asked people around me “if you could express yourself through a painting, what would it look like?” I created their portraits based on their responses and then I designed doors that allowed viewers to open the panel of each portrait to reveal the true self of each person. The portraits focused on viewable features, while the inside reflects the person’s dreams, thoughts, and personality. The biggest panel has an unfinished painting of a frame, and viewers will find a mirror inside. The last confrontation of the viewers is with themselves as I want them to reflect and recognize that no one perfectly fits a stereotype and deserves an unjust judgment made of them because of their eyes, number of wrinkles, how curly their hair is, or which shade of foundation they use.