By: Katherine W.

12th Grade, BASIS Chandler, Chandler, Arizona,

Artist Statement

My artwork symbolizes the sense of loneliness that people may often feel, especially during the pandemic. The cool color background highlights a feeling of misery and sorrow as blue and green are often associated with sadness and tears. The only warm colors in my artwork are on the girl. This contrast between warm vs. cool draws attention to the idea that anyone, even if you feel alone, emanates brightness and energy, and that everyone is valued and loved.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: Middle
Standards: VA.68.S.1, ELA.6.R.1.4, ELA.7.R.1.4, ELA.8.R.1.4
SEL Component: Self-Management
Essential Question – What is inclusion and how are gratefulness and perseverance essential to self-management?
Lesson Plan  |  PowerPoint

Grade Level: High
Texts Utilized – ‘I AM NOT AN INMATE ..’ (Deena Prichep – 2014), EXCERPT FROM A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN (James Joyce – 1916)
Standard: LAFS.910.RL.1.2

SEL Component: Self-Awareness

Essential Question – How do the struggles individuals face encourage them to look inward?
Lesson Plan  |  PowerPoint

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