Seek to Understand the Experiences of Others

By: Gracie Cliff

Morristown, Tennessee,

Artist Statement

I desire to represent people and concepts truthfully, and often find myself working in realism. In this piece I created illustrations of various people who represent my community. The people I have met throughout my academic career have shown me the importance of having a diverse society. They’ve shown me a society that is respectful of all. Many societies are diverse, but the individuals within often struggle to embrace and empathize with people whose experiences are different from their own. This art piece is a call to action that causes viewers to question their biases. Are they relying on only their own experiences to shape their worldview or are they open to the views and unique experiences of others whose lives and cultures are different from their own? Understanding and dismantling bias will foster inclusivity and build a healthy and diverse community.

Lesson Plan Connection

Grade Level: High
Texts Utilized – AMERICA (Claude McKay – 1921), I HEAR AMERICA SINGING (Walt Whitman – 1855)
Standard: LAFS.910.RL.2.4
SEL Component: Social-Awareness
Essential Question – How can social awareness help us understand how individuals experience the world?
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