What Would They Think of Us?

By: Aoi Lee

Leeds, United Kingdom,

Artist Statement

When I think of us as a species not realizing that we are all the same race, it makes me feel sad. Why are we taught that we are different “races” when we are simply one race: Human? Scientifically speaking, we are the last of our kind; isn’t that reason enough to love one another like the brothers and sisters we are? While sketching ideas I wondered if there was life beyond our planet, what would they think of us? Would they be horrified, saddened, or simply look at us as primitive beings not worthy of interaction? I felt that a room full of school age aliens recoiling in horror while learning facts about Earth and its people would be a fun concept, so I created a small futuristic lecture room and filled it with different kinds of aliens. None of them happy with what they see.