The Big Umbrella Welcome

By: YIES Kindergarten artist
Ypsilanti International Elementary School
Teacher: Katherine Fisk

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Artist Statement

The Big Umbrella is a beautiful and reassuring picture book by Amy June Bates and co written with Juniper Bates. This insightful story is about friendship, inclusiveness, and shelter from the rain. Told in very simple and clear sentences, we learn that this red umbrella likes to help, likes to give people shelter, and likes bringing people together. The umbrella also likes you just the way you are and wants you to come in from the rain. Don’t worry about whether or not there will be enough room, there always will be. Inspired by this story, YIES Kindergarten artists made small self portraits and put them under the umbrella, showing that they, too, are accepted just the way they are. You all are welcome to come in under the Big Umbrella, no matter who or what you are!